Katherine and Darren / Lady
We have a 3-year-old mixture cocker spaniel and her name is Lady. She is a very independent dog with a strong hunting instinct, that likes to chase animals. Lady has run away a few times chasing a rabbit, crossing a busy 4 lane road, and then went missing overnight. As you can imagine, these adventures have caused us extreme distress and we were getting desperate, and we felt like we needed a good dog trainer. Through our friend we got recommendation for Robert who showed us many training tips that we use every time we walk Lady, and gradually it has been helping keep her under control even walking off-leash that is a situation which we could not imagine at all at the beginning.

Florentine / Annie
Robert has introduced me to a new, positive reinforcement training method which works really well with my Boston Terrier Annie. Every time we meet, we address everyday life issues which help myself and my dog to live a more harmonious city life. Annie and my relationship is much closer since we started training with Robert. I can now see how much more potential my dog has and how good she is at learning new things. Robert has a lot of knowledge about dog behavior and training theory which helps me to understand how positive reinforcement training actually works.

Natalia / Ziggy
Ziggy, a dog from an eastern Slovak slum, who lived his first months of live in bad conditions and who I picked up from a temporary shelter in Žilina. On one hand a dog with big heart and gratitude for unrecognized love and kindness, on the other hand a sack full of hidden problems and fears which he brought with him. Through friend of mine I got recommendation for Robert whom with we started solving all the issues (work on its confidence, correct socialization, communication between us). Some progress was visible even after first lesson (now I realize that I started changing and learning first, Ziggy already knew many things but it was necessary to find it in him), some progress took weeks or months (obedience, socialization) and there are some issues that we still keep working on (self-confidence). Although the progress is very visible if compared with the beginning, there is still plenty of work ahead of us which Robert helps me with.

Katka, non-profit organization “Tety v akci” – temporary care / Bertík
I would like to thank Robert for great cooperation which he offered to our NGO Tety v akci. We got adult male dog to our temporary care who was non-socialized mixture Bertík (he cannot see and hear well). It showed up very soon that he hates uncastrated male dogs. Therefore we set off for a several hours walk in park with Robert (and Bertík) that he can show us as a specialist for dog training and dog “reeducation” what to do and give us proper advice. Robert watched Bertík how he behaves when meeting other dogs. I myself was already scared because Bertík sought to fight with other dogs without any warning. We found out that Bertik would attacks small dogs and the main benefit of our meeting was that Bertik calmed down and I found better self-confidence and serenity which is the base for work with such a dog.
Robert uses in his work positive methods. He showed me how to use it in Bertik’s case. Still he does not like small dogs but when meeting other dogs he is already a dog fully under control – not a rampaging monster, which was our primary goal. Thanks to meeting with Robert I walk the dog in park calmly and we keep working on the issue to improve it.